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The Benefits Of Tea
February 28, 2015
Be Healthy

6 Reasons Why Every Women Should Start Drinking Tea NOW. From all beverages around the world, tea is considered one of the best choices for your health. Why? Because tea has so many good substances inside, and when you sip it, it will go straight to your body, and make you healthy. But first, you need to know what kind…

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Worst Or Best Relationships 101 Ever, You Decide!
February 26, 2015
Be Positive

Relationships 101 Happy Maggy Compilation Part-1: Are you a relationship fighter, who love to fight for your relationship ’til the last breath? or the other kind of relationship “fight-er”, who love to fight against each other? or maybe both? KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON WITH HAPPYMAGGGY! We’ll help you survive in this crazy battle arena called LOVE! 1. Know the…

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Set Fabulous Goals
February 24, 2015
Be Positive

How To Set FABULOUS GOALS for 2015 It’s still the beginning of the year! Yayy!! means it’s not too late to reset your mind and make a New Year Resolution! What we mean is to set new goals tailored for success in these areas: physical, mental, spiritual, personal, career, and financial. And let us tell you, it’s important to know a…

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