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The Not-So-Famous Historical Places Around The World

One of our dreams is to travel the world, and even though we haven’t been to many places, we want to share some of our special selection of “Not-So-Famous Historical Places in The World” that will inspire you. We’re fans of history. We think it’s something fun to know what happened in the past to LEARN or GET INSPIRED from it. Still learning to be a better version of us though!

1. Robben Island, South Africa

Robben-Island-South-AfricaRobben Island might be one of the most famous prisons all over the world because of its former inhabitant. Located in South Africa, yep you guessed it – it was the former prison of none other than the famous Nelson Mandela. Robben Island, also a World Heritage Site located at approximately 5.5 miles offshore from Cape Town, and was called “Robben” (the Dutch word for seal) Island by early settlers in reference to the seal population at the time. Over the centuries, the island has housed a prison, hospital, mental institution, leper colony and a military base. In this Island, we will totally get inspired by looking at a vivid picture of Mandela’s journey and legacy through many years of fighting against racism (Apartheid) in South Africa, and finally succeed at 1994 – where he was elected as the first president of South Africa.

2. The Museu Picasso (The Picasso Museum), Spain

The-Museu-Picasso-SpainFrom its name, you will certainly know that this museum is an art museum dedicated to Picasso. It is located in Barcelona, and it is the first and the only one that was built during the artist’s life. The museum held the most extensive collections of his painting – 4,521 to be exact. Other from this place, you can also find some museums – those are dedicated to Picasso in France, Germany, and other places in Spain. While visiting this museum, you can look at the works of Picasso, the creator of Cubism (along with Georges Braque), and admire his artistic works. He was painting with a lot of different styles, but what matter is he was never stop growing, learning, and creating something new in his entire life. As the result, he was known as one of the most influential artist during the twentieth century. Sure you’ll get more creative after visiting this place!

3. Lincoln Memorial, USA

Lincoln-Memorial-USALincoln Memorial is a monument built to honor the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. It contains the famous seated statue of Lincoln and inscriptions of two well-known speeches by Lincoln, “The Gettysburg Address” and his “Second Inaugural Address”. The Memorial also held many famous and important speeches, including Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech. When you visit this place, you will be remembered Lincoln as one of the greatest presidents America’s ever had. His most popular acts as a president is that he preserved the Union – prevent America from splitting apart and abolished slavery at the time of his service as the United States’ president. He was also known to suffer from many failures before becoming a president and even ever had a nervous breakdown – but in the end he rose above it all and succeed.

4. Via Dolorosa, Israel

Via-Dolorosa-IsraelFor Christians, Jesus Christ holds the central figure as Son of God and The Savior. Via Dolorosa, located inside the Old City of Jerusalem is definitely one of the most important places Christian travelers have to go. You can find several stations with writings about what happened when Jesus walk that path – where he fell, where Simon of Cyrene helped Him, etc. There you can have a better picture of the path that Jesus had to take to His crucifixion and how he suffered for the good of mankind. It was certainly more than just a long pathway. Besides that, it is a good reminder of His works on the earth – He healed sick people, taught about Kingdom of God, and spread love all around the world. Definitely a place full of enlightenments. You can also find The Church of The Holy Sepulchre nearby, which is a site where Jesus was buried and resurrected.

5. Einstein Tower, Germany

Einstein-Tower-GermanyEinstein Tower is an astrophysical observatory in Potsdam, Germany. It was named “Einstein Tower” because inside the tower, they have some telescopes that support experiments and observations to validate – or disprove – Albert Einstein’s relativity theory. However, because the telescopes inside are very sensitive against dust and humidity due to the open construction of the telescope inside the building, it’s not possible for visit in general. You can still roam through some parts of the interior buildings though (for example: the ground floor and the main room). In here, you can see that Einstein’s theory and legacy is still so much alive and used in modern physics. It is also said that when he was 16, he was failed on an exam that would’ve made him an electrical engineer, but Einstein’s journey didn’t end up there. He studied and worked hard, until he finally created his most famous “Relativity Theory”. As a matter of fact, he had an IQ of 160 – he was definitely A GENIUS. So, what we can learn here is we can’t let people decide/block our path. We will succeed when we do believe we will be.

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