6 Simple Steps To Have Healthy Hair
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Basic Guides To Have Healthy Hair


Hair is every woman’s crown. Having healthy skin and beautiful face won’t be satisfying without healthy hair. That’s why we think it’s time for us to dig more about hair. Here are some simple steps to do, to get a beautiful healthy hair.

1. Know Your Hair

When you visit hair salon, your stylist will usually tell you about your hair type. “Wow, you have a very healthy hair,” or “You must be swimming a lot, you have severe hair-end breakage.” Well, from that – or by observing your hair – you will know what your hair type is. Is it dry, oily, damaged, or else? After you know your hair type, you can start giving it a proper treatment.

2. Personalize Your Shampoo

It’s easier (and cheaper) to share one big bottle of shampoo for the whole family. It sounds okay, but the reality is: it’s very harmful for your hair. The right thing to do is to buy one shampoo for one person – make it your own personal shampoo, because not everyone in the house has the same hair type as you. If you have hair-loss issue, you can buy thickening shampoo. If you aim for more volume on your hair, buy a volumizing shampoo. Find the perfect match for your hair.

3. Are You Over-washing your hair?

The most common mistake about hair treatment is over-washing your hair. You should only wash your hair TWO TO THREE TIMES a week. If you wash it more than that, then you should change your habits now. Using a good dry shampoo is recommended when you feel your hair is too greasy – rather than wash it. Or if you are a hardcore gym person, you can rinse your hair without shampooing it after a workout. Water-only rinse can remove the sweat and the salt from your hair without removing your natural hair oil.

4. Shampoo & Conditioner

Use shampoo only for your scalps, not your hair ends. If you shampoo your hair ends, it will become dry and causing breakage. As for conditioner, use it from your mid-hair to your hair ends – because of course conditioner is meant to keep your hair ends smooth and moist. Another tips: avoid hot water when you wash your hair and massage your scalp during the shampoo activity to improve blood circulation.

5. The After Treatment

After washing your hair, make sure you towel-dry your hair GENTLY. Simply press the water out to the towel. Wet hair is more vulnerable to breakage and hair loss. Comb your wet hair with wide-tooth comb, and then when your hair is dry enough, comb it more thoroughly with brush comb or narrow-tooth comb. Use hair serum, hair vitamin, or any other hair treatment after washing your hair. For better absorption, put the cream / gel on the palm of your hands, rub it together, and comb it with your fingers.

6. Avoid Hot Tools

Hair dryer, hair curler, or any other heat-styling tools are bad for your hair. Use it as minimum as possible. If you have to use them, make sure you’re wearing heat protector spray to minimize the damaging effect of the heat. Keep your hair dryer two to three inches from your hair, and make sure they’re on the top of your head – not sides as people usually do. It’s more difficult indeed, but it’s needed to keep your hair healthy.

In the end, you should take a good care of your hair REGULARLY. Develop a GOOD HAIR HABITS to maintain a healthy shiny beautiful hair. One thing to remember, be patient when you’re using new products for your hair – a damaged hair resulted from a lifetime of bad hair habits won’t be disappear with only one month of using good products. So, be patient and make sure you do your best to make your “crown” shining!

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