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As a traveler, artist, fashionista, musician, and cross-culture wife, blogging has been one of Margaret (a.k.a Happy Maggy) biggest interest since 2008, but somehow at one point she never really start it back then because she’s one of that perfectionist type of person, yeah you hear it perfectionist! You won’t believe there’s so many excuses that have been holding her back to start this website. Yes, maybe it’s a little too much sometimes but the more she grew up the more she realized that it could bring harm to herself, what important is “When the attitude is right the facts don’t count.” After all those years she gained a lot more experiences and knowledges. She now understand that “One could seek for excellence but not perfection.” Still far from being perfect of course, but sure she could be a blessing and make a difference to others by start sharing her experiences from the positive point of view, we need to find gold nuggets in every situation right?. The digital realm has become a very powerful platform for many and the best way to share her passion in helping others and impacting people positively is by sharing it here on HappyMaggy.com

What do you mean by helping others? Well we don’t know about you but for her, she always have this feeling when she sees people randomly on the street or anywhere else, where she would have some sort of thinking pop up in her mind, like “I wish I could tell that girl how beautiful she is and she will look fabulous with a little bit of styling here and there.”, or when she’s on the subway looking through people’s face expression and some people seem a little down for something, she would think “I wish I could brighten up their day.” and simply giving them a smile attack (check out our smile attack challenge). It keeps going on like that for many others. For some reasons she probably just want it to make a little contribution in making this world a better place for everyone.

What do we share then? A daily dose of life advices to pursue happiness from the inspirational icons around the world, which beautifully made in “Happy Quotes” with love, and the rest of it will be her personal compilation of good stuffs that works for Happy Maggy, so either her personal outfit look, or beauty tutorials and products review she has personally used and like (seriously no fake bs for advertising purpose), or her cooking recipe/demo, or interior styling, or video of her singing (she loves singing!) or other good stuffs we found on the internet from other resources that you might have not discovered yet or accidentally missed. People often tell her that she has a good sense of style, a good taste for food, and talented skills so at the end she just want to share it with you how does she do and see things through her eyes and other senses, hopefully you could find it helpful.. and could use it to help others too!