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11 Delicious Ways To Make Someone Smile On April Fools’ Day!

HappyMaggy-Food&Travel-AprilFoolsIt’s almost April Fools’ Day! You know what that means… It’s time to prank someone!! Don’t worry! It won’t be something too gross or any evil-ish plans! It’s just a simple safe delicious twist that will make the people you want to pranked, and also yourself, smile. Coz April Fools’ Day is supposed to be fun, right? Click on each picture to see the full recipe and tutorial on how to make it. Have fun!

1. The “Ice Cream” Cookie

It’s an ice cream! Wait… It’s not!

2. Deviled Egg With A Twist

Fill it with buttercream frosting, and sprinkle with some cinnamons. So easy!

3. Beverages? Nah, It’s A Dessert!

Simply swap whatever your kids drink in the morning with jello or pudding that looks alike (milk, juice, water, anything!)

4. Not So Sweet Pie

Who know it tastes savory when it looks so SWEET?!

5. Faux Grilled Cheese

Simple yet looking so much alike!

6. “Potato” Candy

Easy & yummy! Good for snacking time!

7. Unusual Chicken Pot Pie

It’s warm, it’s chicken, and it’s savory. LOL, it’s not!

8. Cinnamon Roll? Or Pancake?

Do you even care? really?… Both are just delicious!!

9. Boiled Eggs For Breakfast!

Get ready to surprise someone by twisting the breakfast menu!

10. “Healthy” French Fries

It’s actually made by apple, cinnamon, and sugar! Yummy!

11. Sweet Nuggets

Well, I can tell you it doesn’t taste like what it may seem!

There you go, 11 delicious ways to try this April Fools’ Day! Have some fun and let us know by leaving a comment down below if you have another delicious recipes to try next year! HAPPY PRANKING!

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