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Inspirational Icon: Paul Walker
April 18, 2015
Be Positive

7 Reasons Why We HEART Paul Walker It’s definitely heart breaking when we heard from the news saying Paul Walker died two years ago. Although he was best known for his role as Brian O’Conner in Fast & Furious franchise, there was a lot more we need to know about Paul. We assemble some seriously AWESOME FACTS you need to learn…

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Inspirational Based On True-Story Movies
April 15, 2015
Be Positive

Collections Of Inspiring True-Story Movie Sometimes in life you just have to take a deep breath and be grateful because right now as you read this, you are alive, healthy, and still living in a fine house with clothes covering your body, and enough food to eat everyday. More or less, there is always a reason to be grateful to…

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Cinderella’s Dark Side
March 14, 2015
Be Yourself

The Dark Side Behind Cinderella’s Story Disney’s Cinderella is premiering this March, and you guys might think we are out of our mind to talk about the negative side of this “everyone-so-loved” movie and so called it “the best fairy tales story” since ages. Well, this is a good chance for you to really open up your eyes and mind…

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Red Carpet Crush
March 4, 2015
Be Confident

Red Carpet Crush: Oscar And Vanity Fair 2015 It’s not only the stunning stage performances or the glamorous award announcement that interest millions of people to eyeing the Oscar Ceremony every year, but it was also the glittering actresses and actors in the red carpet that drives people to thrills. Here are the best dressed people on the red carpet…

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