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The Dark Side Behind Cinderella’s Story

Disney’s Cinderella is premiering this March, and you guys might think we are out of our mind to talk about the negative side of this “everyone-so-loved” movie and so called it “the best fairy tales story” since ages. Well, this is a good chance for you to really open up your eyes and mind to see why our society is changing drastically, by that we mean look around you and really see by yourself how everything is so different now compare to back then when we were young. Even though technology has been improving to a better and brighter side but despite all that, digital realm could also be used as a tool to fool people mind with something we might not realize could harm our mental and maybe even our life. That’s why it is really important to know what you have been feeding your mind this whole time. Now, it’s time for us to tell you the real messages behind this story and revealing the truth you might have not known has been hidden in the story since a long time ago. LOVE THE ACTS AND THE DRESSES BTW! But beware! it has some kinda dark side programming messages you might have never thought was given to you until now.

HappyMaggy-Entertainment-Cinderella2Since we’re young girls, we have been watching so many fairy tales. Some of them are princess tales. We know that the writer was probably intended to teach good messages to young children. Such as: No dream was ever too big for you to achieve, the good always conquers the evil, and that everyone deserves a “prince charming”. This message is winning young girls over with its emotional appeal. Who would not watch this movie and think about finding their own prince charming. But these days, there are so many changes and alterations happen in the story, that make it filled with subliminal messages – and guess what, it goes straight to your brain without you knowing it. Anyhow, let’s take a closer look at Cinderella’s story here:

The Stepmom Stereotype

Since its first debut, Cinderella is best known for its glass slipper and evil stepmother. We didn’t say all stepmothers are nice, but definitely not all of them are evil too. Cinderella teaches kids to be horrified to their new stepmom, without even trying to know how their stepmom really is. Hopefully as soon as the kids grow up, they’ll realize that this stereotype is silly and that you should NEVER judge a person by stereotypes.

The “Oh, I’ll wait for my Prince Charming.”

Well, this is obviously brainwashing little girls these days to be lazy and passive. Why? Because when they watch Cinderella, they learn that Prince Charming will soon arrive and help Cinderella to be free from the stepfamily and poverty. It sends bad message to young lady, to just “Marrying A Rich Guy” as an easy way to be success in life. It is also called as “Lottery Mentality”, this programming makes people think they can be successful without doing any work and just waiting for their own luck. Well let us tell you what “BEING LUCKY” really means: “Lucky is when the right preparation meets the right opportunity.”, so yeah YOU NEED TO WORK HARD preparing your own luck, and then you’ll be successful when the right opportunity comes because you’re so ready (read as: got what it takes) to grab it.

The Raising Of Beauty Standard

Back when we were young, no one really cares about their look (we’re all made beautifully by our Creator), or having branded clothes/bags, or having a cool gadget, and many more. But now, it all changes. You can see many kids nowadays picking their friends based on their look. Yep, you guess it, Cinderella – and many other princess tales that push on beauty propaganda, implant a thought that boys love pretty girls (JUST pretty girls), while we know that IT TOOK MORE THAN JUST A PRETTY FACE to get a good partner in your life – say yes to brain & behavior!

The “Oh I’m so pretty, everyone hates me.”

Cinderella, and some other princess fairytales (For example: Snow White) implied that when you’re pretty, and others are not, they will be pissed, and HATE YOU instantly. Look at Cinderella’s two sisters, they were purposely made ugly looking so everyone won’t pity them. It’s not just wrong, but it also empowers young girls with wrong overconfidence that irritates others, and it’s bad for their life. Take a moment and really think about it deeply when someone hates you, do you really believe it’s because you’re too pretty for them? many more times, it’s just because your attitude sucks. So work more on your attitude, ladies!

HappyMaggy-Entertainment-CinderellaThese are just some of our thoughts about Cinderella. We’re just saying that we have to be super careful when we read/watch any kinds of fairytales, and even be MORE careful when we let our kids, especially girls to read/watch “Princessy” kind of fairytales. Make sure they absorb the good side of it, and not the bad one. Most importantly, don’t let your mind be corrupted with the error messages that secretly go through your subconscious mind. Feed yourself some good positive feeds everyday to overcome the bad programs you might have installed in you off-guard.


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