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Top 7 DIY Valentine’s Gifts

Valentine’s day is the perfect day to show your appreciation to your loved ones. Of course you want to make something that leave good memories, and what’s better than DIY gifts?? Here are some creative ideas to inspire you!

1. Telling Them Why You Love Them

You can make a small DIY-notebook and list all the reasons why you love them, you can make a compliment jar (see through glass jar filled with little papers with all the reasons you love them!), or you can do it with heart-shaped stickies on the mirror. Simple and heart-warming.

Reasons I LOVE YOU

Source: mrspotter

2. Frame Your Memories

Tell them how much you appreciate those memories you cherish together with him or her by framing it! From scrapbooking your pictures to making a printed pillow case or mug using those beautiful images of you and your lover. For something more creative, you can make a love map (basically a map with writings of when you met, engaged, married, or else! Be creative!

Source: thedatingdivas

3. Create Something Useful While Saying “I Love You” In The Process

Giving them something useful will add a value to your gift! It will also remind them about you every time they use it and put a smile on their face. My favorite is the DIY-sharpie mugs. Write a message, bake in the oven for 30 minutes at 350°F and voila! For a boyfriend who loves to read, you can also make something as simple as a heart bookmark.

DIY Sharpie Mug

Source: sisterssuitcaseblog

4. Comforting Kit For Your Man/Woman

Some people don’t need much on Valentine’s Day. They just want to spend some quality time with you. Invite them for dinner or movie night with popcorns or prepare breakfast-in-bed for them. You can also give them love coupons (you can write anything from something decent to something totally naughty for your husband/wife!) or a simple booze bouquet will also be nice and fun.

Valentine Popcorn Invitation

Source: eatdrinkchic

5. Decorative Valentine’s Day Accessories For Your House

What’s better than making a DIY-gift for your loved ones and decorating your house at the same time? Some of the things you can make: DIY planter or vase, heart magnet for your refrigerator, beautiful garland for your walls or you can decorate your walls with some candy button. Colorful!

DIY Valentine Planter

Source: vitaminihandmade

6. Win A Man’s Heart From His Belly

Chocolate and candy from the store may not be enough to win your man’s heart. Make a pasta topped with a heart shape bolognese sauce or bake a heart-shaped cake/cupcakes/macaroon if your guy has sweet tooth.


Source: happymaggy

7. Wrap it with love!

Last but not least, remember to wrap your gift with love! Even sometimes it might not seems important, but those little details you care about can show your lover that you too care about them a lot!

Valentine Gift Wrapping

Source: thehousethatlarsbuilt

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