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7 Easy Cleaning Habits You Should Develop


Everyone prefers to live in a clean, beautiful house. If you’re hiring maids or professional cleaning services for your house, then your problem is solved. But how about people with no professional cleaning helpers? Well, if you want your house to be always pretty, shiny, and neat you have to put aside a little bit of your time everyday to develop a good habit of keeping it clean. We will tell you some of the very simple – and definitely easy cleaning habits that you can totally work on it starting today!

1. Make Cleaning As A Part Of Your Life

If you’re only cleaning when everything is covered with “an inch” of dust, you will be having a hard time cleaning it. Clean your house when it’s still ALMOST clean. It’ll be easier for you to do it, and saving so much more energy and your time in overall. Do a small cleaning at least 2-3 times a week, and you will see that your house is always clean and well maintained. Deep cleaning could be done once a month (like cleaning some part of your house that is out of your reach – things that you don’t use or see everyday).

2. Do It Together

Cleaning should be a happy activity so it would be easier to keep it as a regular habit, that’s why doing it together with the whole family will add up some spirit to this activity. Schedule some time for the whole family to clean up the house. Children could pick up things and put it back to where it belongs, and the adults can wipe the furnitures, sweep / mop the floor, and splitting other tasks to tidy-up the house. If the whole family helps to clean the house, they will also have some awareness to keep it cleaner longer.

3. Clutter-Free Policy

At the end of the day, make sure you clean up all the clutter. PUT EVERYTHING BACK TO WHERE IT BELONGS. It will help you develop a need for a neat house – which is good, because when you really see a neat house as a need, you will see cleaning as something you just have to do naturally. Ooh! Make sure you clean up all the dirty dishes on the sink as well!

4. Clean The Grease And Dust Regularly

When you touch your desk, or your cupboard, or television screen and you find them dusty or greasy, you have to clean them immediately. Dust especially is not good for your health, and buildup grease could become a great place for dust to stick, that’s why you have to clean it regularly (as we mention before approximately 2-3 times a week; everyday if possible!). It’s easier to vacuum them with your vacuum cleaner, but try not to dust it off using feather duster, you will just move the dust particles from one place to another place, for deep cleaning you better use damp cloth to wipe it off.

5. The Dining Table Should Always Be Clean

Dining room is the center of the house. It’s also the place where you eat your meal three times a day. So, you better keep it clean all the time. Always wipe it every time you finish your meal. Try to leave nothing (except the decoration of course) at the dining table – like ketchup bottle or a jar of crackers, etc. Put them on its own storage to keep your dining table looking neat.

6. Get Organized

One important thing that we shouldn’t forget is we also have to get organized. Make sure you have neat storages for all your items. Use baskets, trays, or containers to store all your belongings according to their type or usage (you can also label them up, so the next time you forget where to put your stuff, you can easy-search it through labels).

7. Laundry & Clothing

Whenever you change your clothes, don’t forget to put the dirty laundry in its place – the laundry basket. Don’t let it scatter everywhere around the house. It’s not just a sore in the eyes; it’s also causing your house to smell weird. We suggest, once a year, do some checking on your closet. Many times, you will find some clothes that you don’t want/use anymore. Give them to other people who might need it. We’ve ever read that you can use hangers as reminder about your clothes – whenever you’re out of hanger because you have too many clothes, it’s time to do the yearly closet inspection!

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