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Happy Maggy’s Fashion Trend Report: Spring 2015

So here we are coming to the beginning of spring 2015! Time flies fast and we’re dying to know what’s new and what will be the trend this spring in the fashion world. But don’t worry ladies, we sum it up for you!

1. Bohemian Dresses

HappyMaggy-Fashion-TrendReport1-BohemianThis spring, we go bohemian!! Use loose dresses with floral pattern and mixed see-through fabric to get the look.

2. Crop Top-Midi Skirt Duo

HappyMaggy-Fashion-TrendReport1-CropTopThis pair is looking so good on woman’s body. It makes you look taller and slimmer at the same time. Stash some crop tops this season. You still can pair it with high-waist pants for more masculine look or high-waist jeans for more casual look.

3. Sporty Influence

HappyMaggy-Fashion-TrendReport1-SportyFrom sporty lines and mesh fabric, sporty stuff are making a big comeback, and it even influences some designers who never usually go sporty fancy!

4. Minimalist Safari

HappyMaggy-Fashion-TrendReport1-SafariChoose some outfits with safari related color such as beige, tan, khaki, and if you are looking for prints, go with camo-inspired outfits. It’s simple yet interesting. Don’t forget to mix it with some color such as white or gold to refresh the look.

5. Gingham Is The New Plaid

HappyMaggy-Fashion-TrendReport1-GinghamYou’re going to love gingham prints as much as you love plaids last season! It’s feminine, sophisticated, and totally sunny-picnic inspired. Designers are making it interesting by using a new way of presenting them. Diagonal, sheer, big, and small prints, it’s totally attractive for your spring outfits!

6. Rework-Jeans

HappyMaggy-Fashion-TrendReport1-JeansDenim is everywhere this spring! From dark to light, dress to coats, and lace-up to bedazzled, it’s totally a casual chic piece for everyone.

7. Designer Flats, Sneakers, and Gladiator Sandals

HappyMaggy-Fashion-TrendReport1-GladiatorLast but not least, comfortable shoes are so IN this season! And it’s totally a good news for us women! So, choose comfortable designers flats, printed sneakers, and this season it shoes: gladiator sandals!

Which fashion trend would you love to wear this spring?
- Happy Maggy
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