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Best Hair and Make-Up Trends Spring/Summer 2015

Hair Trends Spring/Summer 2015

1. The Imperfect Beach Waves
It looks like you just came back from those fancy tropical island trips during the winter and you still can feel the warm breeze blowing through your hair.

The-Imperfect-Beach-Waves-Hair-Trends-2015How To Get The Look:
Blow dry your hair until it gets almost dry then divides into a few parts, make a twist and flat iron it until everything set. If you have longer time then just simply braid it while your hair still damp, leave it overnight, and sure you will get the imperfect beach look waves in the morning ready to rock the day!

2. Sleek Ponytails
It’s sleek, It’s elegant, yet very chic. Having a bad hair day? This is the right hairstyle to pull off. Pull it into low ponytails to add more elegance to it.

Sleek-Ponytails-Hair-Trends-2015How To Get The Look:
Spray out some hairspray or spread some mousse on your hair and brush out the frizzy hair away from your face to create the clean and sleek look. You can part your hair to the side or even in the middle according to your preference. Pull everything in a low ponytail and use a small strand of your hair to cover the hair band if you wish. Voila! There you got an easy simple elegant look for the day, and if you want to glam it up a little bit you can simply loose curl those tails like the one from Jason Wu runway look.

3. Braid It To The Next Level
Braids are always fun, never goes out of style as the matter of fact. From messy braids to twisted braids, from braided buns to braided up-do, it’s everywhere filling the runway hairstyle.

Braid-It-To-The-Next-Lever-Hair-Trends-2015How To Get The Look:
Depends on what kind of braids do you want to make, but as summer is about to come we would say keep it simple and easy peasy with the messy braid look like the one from MK by simply loosen up your braids once you have finished making your normal braid. Wanna try something more fun? Try that twisted braid from DKNY by searching the tutorial on YouTube using these keywords: “Chain Link Braid”

Make-Up Trends Spring/Summer 2015

1. A Touch Of Cherry Blossom
A slight touch of pink, in this case any shades of light pink, on your eyelids, cheeks, and lips. Looks very feminine, sweet and kinda dreamy.

A-Touch-Of-Cherry-Blossom-MakeUp-Trends-2015How To Get The Look:
Pick the lightest possible pink color on your shadow palettes, pale pink! Either its more to peach pink or violet pink, literally any light shades of pink color is good for this look, but make sure they are mate and match the three area on your face that we mentioned before, on your eyelids, cheeks, and lips.

2. The Natural Glow
Nude bare make up, and the no-make-up make up is what we’re talking about here. Bring out your natural glow without having to much effort creating it. It’s really what people called The Effortless Beauty look.

The-Natural-Glow-MakeUp-Trends-2015How To Get The Look:
It’s wrong if you think you don’t need to put on any make up or products to get this look. You need to at least put on some skin care product like moisturizer to create the dewy look, but maybe choose an oil-free moisturizer gel to keep your face shine-free. If you have problems skin, you’re gonna need to put on some tinted moisturizer or BB/CC cream to create the flawless look. Bring it to the next level? Dust off some bronzer powder on your cheekbones and a little bit here and there just to bring out the glow inside of you. Don’t forget to put on some translucent gloss on your lips to freshen up the whole look.

3. Bold Thick Liner
If you love a bolder look, this one right here is the right make up for you. But still though keep it simple and clean like the one from Oscar De La Renta and Herve Ledger runway look.

Bold-Thick-Liner-MakeUp-Trends-2015How To Get The Look:
The key to keep it simple and clean is to create a bold thick line on one side, which is the upper side of your eye line and keep your lower line clean so it won’t look too heavy. Extend it with a winged line to make a flirty cat-eye look. Last but not least put on some natural light color lipstick to complete this fabulous look.

Trends are things that will come and go easily during the year, but a smile and a boost of confidence are the only things you should never forget to put on everyday no matter what seasons we’re in!

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