How To Cure Yourself From The Failure Disease: EXCUSITIS
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Learn More About EXCUSITIS & How To Cure Yourself From It

What is EXCUSITIS? It’s a made-up name of a failure disease from “The Magic of Thinking BIG”, a self-development book to acquire the secrets of success. From its name, we know that it’s a disease of making excuses constantly. But why making excuses are so bad, and critical in tearing your dreams apart? We’ll learn four types of Excusitis & We’ll give you some simple steps to cure yourself. Of course if you want to know more, you can go straight to the bookstore, and read this amazing book written by David J. Schwartz, Ph.D.

The Magic Of Thinking Big

1. HEALTH Excusitis
Perhaps we often meet people who said that they want to do something, but they can’t because their health is not good. This type of disease range from “Oh, I’m not feeling well today” to “There is something wrong in my body”. Yeah, maybe you’re not that healthy today, but it doesn’t mean that you will stay unhealthy till the day you die, right? Maybe it’ll take several months to heal, but then you will be healthy – eventually. You just have to keep yourself productive in the mean time – even little. It’s still applies even if you suffer from something incurable. After all, God give us life so we can LIVE while we breathe. We are ALIVE, so do something with all health that you have right now. Check out the amazing life of Nick Vujicic – a man without limbs but still live very happily and full of gratitude!!

How To Cure Health Excusitis: Stop worrying about your health. Sometimes all we need to do is to keep our mind positive, because many of the diseases originated from negative emotion. Say this mantra: “It’s better to wear out than to rust out. Life is mine to ENJOY!”

2. BRAIN Excusitis
It’s common to think that those who are smarter will be more successful. Now, let’s look at the fact. Many of the successful people don’t even graduate from college, yet they create multi-billion dollar company. Odd? No, it’s definitely not! You don’t need to be genius to be success. What matter the most in most jobs – even the brainy scientist one – is attitude. They have to be interested in that field, enthusiast, curious, and willing to learn and work hard. They are willing to THINK. Remember, the thinking that guides your intelligence is much more important than how much intelligence you may have.

How To Cure Brain Excusitis: Do not underestimate your own intelligence, and do not overestimate other people’s intelligence. If someone is smarter than you, you can learn more and be even smarter than him/her. Take it as a challenge, and not as something to be sorry about yourself, also your ATTITUDE is more important than your intelligence. People will prefer to work with normal-intelligence people but good attitude, than a genius with bad attitude.

3. AGE Excusitis
“I’m too old/young for this. It’s no use,” is what some people say to avoid more works, more responsibilities, and eventually more successes. It’s sad, isn’t it? They think they’re in the wrong age and they don’t even bother to try. Let’s keep it simple. Most people work from age 20, and if they’re having good health, they could keep working until they’re 70. Whooping fifty years of productive ages!!! So, most people who said that they’re too young or too old are actually still in the range of productive ages. They just have to be brave and bold enough to do something new. Working from zero sounds difficult, but hey, you have plenty of time!!

How To Cure Age Excusitis: Look at your age now as something positive. It’s never too early or too late to start anything. For those who think that you’re too old, make sure you count how many productive ages you have left – even forty-years old fellow still have thirty years left!!! And for those who think that you’re too young, remember that you earned your job and being young is actually a good thing – you still have plenty time for progress and achieve success.

4. LUCK Excusitis
Luck Excusitis is the worst way to justify yourself as a failure. We believe in “Everything happens for a reason.” It’s true that when you do something, it will affect you or other people. Action will create reaction. That’s why we also have to know that luck doesn’t affect your success. Imagine this, if luck really determines someone’s position in a company, then they only have to put all the employees’ name in a hat, and whose name comes out first will be the boss. It sounds silly and definitely won’t happen, isn’t it? Someone who gets a promotion, or high position in a company gets it because he/she earned it. It’s because they worked hard and excelled amongst other candidates. Stop blaming your luck when you fail on something and work harder instead. Luck is a combination of preparation and perfect timing.

How To Cure Luck Excusitis: Accept the law of cause and effect. Again, “Everything happens for a reason.” Don’t just wish to be lucky to achieve success. Zig Ziglar once said that, “There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs.” No instant success and no luck-only based success. You just have to work your best and wait for the perfect timing to grab success.


There you go! You’ve been cured from Excusitis for now! But remember: to always be positive, you have to get daily exposure of positive things! Subscribe to Happy Maggy if you haven’t, and get yourself plugged into our happy system to maintain your positive attitude & mind!

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