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6 Crucial Things You Should Know To Have A Flawless Skin


Flawless skin is what every girl/woman would ever wanted to have in their life. Who doesn’t want to have a beautiful glowing skin? Keep in mind that beauty comes from the inside, but taking care of your skin is actually doing kindness to yourself. One day you will thank yourself for taking such a good care of your skin and you will be surprised at the time you’re getting older, your skin is still as flawless as baby’s skin! After all, you deserve the best care you can get for your own! Now, let’s bring out the best beauty in you by knowing how to maintain your skin healthiness.

1. Know Your Skin Type

To know your skin type is halfway to have a flawless skin. Check the type of your skin by following these easy steps: wash your face, let it dry and leave your face completely untouched for an hour. Inspect by dabbing a tissue in between your nose and cheek, called the T-zone. If you got some oil on your tissue then your skin belongs to the oily skin type, if you found some dead skin on it then you have dry skin type, if you don’t get anything then you are one lucky girl, because your skin belongs to a normal skin type (congratulations!), and last if there’s some oil, but at some part you also have some dead skin, then you probably have what it called combination skin type.

2. Invest In Skin Care Products That Complimenting Your Skin Type

Once you know what kind of skin type you have, you can start buying skin care products that really match the type of your skin (it needs some trial-and-error to find the perfect match though). Start with the basics such as: cleanser, toner, moisturizer, facial scrub, and facial mask.

3. Know The Basic Requirements

Which are: a clean diet (hello fruits and veggies!), drink LOTS of water, exercise regularly, and sleep for minimum 7-8 hours a day.

4. Sunscreen And Make Up Remover Are Crucial

NEVER going out without applying sunscreen (the UVAs and UVBs of the sun can create dark spots on your pretty face which is a big NO in order to have a flawless skin!). Second, NEVER go to bed without removing your make up. If you are the lazy type of person, PLEASE prepare face wipes next to your bed. You’ll thank us later on this.

5. Remember To Use Face Scrub and Face Mask Occasionally

Exfoliate once or twice a week to remove all the dead skin cells, and use a face mask to give your skin some hydration and nutrition boost it needs. Try a DIY face mask from egg white and honey or if you are such a busy girl, use paper face mask (you can buy it in supermarket practically almost everywhere)

6. Less Stress, More Smile

Stress hormones lead to excessive oil production which will be resulting in forming white heads. Running, a warm bath and a short sleep help reduce stress and get rid of acne. You can also try some yoga or meditation to lower your stress level. As for smile, there are scientific studies showing that when you smile even the one that you force for some reasons, it induces the release of happiness hormones (endorphins), making you feel happy! And when you’re happy, you will feel better about yourself and would more likely to have a better sleep too. Whatcha’ waiting for? Go give it a shot!

What is your beauty secret?
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