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7 Cheap & Chic Romantic Getaway Ideas

1. It’s time to hit the road.

A vacation is always a great idea to spark your love life back on track, either near or far it allows you to talk, connect and rediscover your love for one another. A road trip is just an ideal scenario for enjoying long conversations with your lover while exploring the world together.

Pick a destination close from your home that took you no longer than two or three hours. Look for a small town in your region that offers tours. A culinary trip somewhere outside your town would do great as well. Take the opportunity to learn something new together. Turn the music up, stock some snacks in the car and open the windows wide.

2. Have fun at the amusement park.

It’s never too old to go to the amusement park. This place is loaded with tons of joys and happiness from many childhood memories. So why not visiting this place again but this time with your lover. It’s a perfect place to have some fun together and being appreciative to what you’ve become and whom you’re with now. Even more it will bring sweet memories for both of you in the future.

Make sure you wear comfortable outfit, because you want to enjoy every single ride, get amused and be free. Show him or her who you really are and cherish every moment you guys spend together there. You’ll be ended up getting to know each other way better than before. Get an ice cream if needed!

3. Visit an Art Gallery or Museum.

Seeing new and beautiful things or places is one of the main purposes of a romantic getaway. The good thing is you don’t have to travel far to get inspired by beautiful art. Most regions have a few places that are known for art galleries or maybe even a city where you live now has an art museum. Go and spend the afternoon wandering the galleries together.

Take the time to discuss art that leaves you deep impressions. Then take another time to learn what you both find beautiful and inspiring, it will inspire you both to see the beauty in one another. Consider buying a small piece of art to bring home, sometimes there are also very talented artists selling their masterpiece on the streets outside the museums.

4. Rejuvenate your love life in a spa. 

If your favorite part of vacation is a spa treatment, then this is the right excuse to go on a spa and just relax. Get a massage together and spoil yourself in the luxury of spa facilities without even the needs of spending a lot. It’s totally worth the price you pay, and a super good way to de-stress your mind for whatever happens in your life and maybe even in your relationship.

Take a sauna together, give each other back rub if necessary and have a heart-to-heart talk with your lover. Tell him or her why you love them. Let them know how happy you are to be able to spend this precious moment together. After the rejuvenating spa you both have, sure you will also be rejuvenated in your love life.

5. Hike to the mountain’s top.

Mountain climbing might be a little too much for you if you’ve never tried it, but going on a hike should be easy. All you need to do is just walking in nature on any path or specific trail, as well as getting the fresh air from nature. Besides you’ll gain some health benefits it’s also a good way in learning how to support one another to be persistent until you reach your goal target.

A little hint: Push yourself and go a little further as far as you can make it. You’ll be thankful with the result you’ll get. The higher you go the better view you’ll have. And then see far away down the mountain, the feeling of having your love ones with you at the top is just amazing.

6. Go on camping for a day or two.

Bring out your inner wild side with a romantic getaway to the great outdoors. Find a local park by the river or rent a cabin near the waterfall for the weekend. You can spend your days kayaking, exploring nature and being invigorated by fresh air and sunlight, while during the night you can light up a campfire and enjoy snuggling in front of a roaring fire and don’t forget to do some stargazing too.

Put your phones away and do your best to survive without any modern technologies. Need music? Bring a guitar or harmonica if one of you could play it. Make meals time easy by packing food that requires no preparation, keep it simple and remember to bring some hot chocolates and marshmallows.

7. Dare to do the extreme. 

Shake things up by bringing your romantic getaway to the next level and seize the opportunity to participate in an extreme sport. Go on a rock climbing, surfing, rafting, skydiving, or bungee jumping together. The pure adrenaline rush will create a lasting bond of intimacy for you and your lover.

You might be afraid of some challenges or maybe have a phobia of height, don’t worry it’s even better! Facing your fears together will build trust and remind you of what it means to get each other backs. The benefits of a romantic getaway can strengthen your relationship and refresh your intimacy.


Finally by taking the time to explore the world together, unplug from your digital life, experience new physical and intellectual stimulation and feeling the thrill of new experiences, you and your lover will emerge from a romantic getaway feeling closer, recharged and more intimate than before. You don’t have to go far from home or spend a lot of money to experience the benefits of a romantic getaway. It really is the effort and attention that counts.

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