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How To Set FABULOUS GOALS for 2015


It’s still the beginning of the year! Yayy!! means it’s not too late to reset your mind and make a New Year Resolution! What we mean is to set new goals tailored for success in these areas: physical, mental, spiritual, personal, career, and financial. And let us tell you, it’s important to know a good characteristic of goals. Taken from the amazing Zig Ziglar’s Book See You At The Top, here we go:

1. Goals Should Be BIG

Why? Because it takes a big goal to create the excitement necessary for maximum accomplishment. There is no excitement on doing what everybody else does. The excitement comes when you do your best, which you can do only with the proper goals (read: BIG goals). But don’t forget, GOALS MUST BE REALISTIC ENOUGH FOR YOU, because when you make it too big for yourself to believe on the future outcome, you will develop this feeling: “It’s okay to not accomplish it, because many people can’t, and that’s a big NO. For once you set your goals, you have to work toward it, till you get it.

2. Goals Should Be LONG RANGE

Why? Because without long-range goals, you are likely to be overcome by short-range frustrations. Imagine if one of your goals is to lose 40 pounds and you only have 1 month to accomplish that. Crazy right?? So remember to put some REALISTIC DEADLINES for your fabulous goals.

3. Aside From Your Big Long Range Goals, DAILY Small Goals Are Just As Important

Why? Because you will need some time to reach your goals, and the best way to reach it is to do it one small goal at the time, EVERYDAY. Remember, no one build a big fabulous house (or any other awesome buildings) in just only one day. If you expect to make it big, you have to work towards your goal everyday, packed with discipline and perseverance.

4. Goals Should Be SPECIFIC

Why? Because specific = focus. When an archer shoots the target, or when a hunter shoots an animal, they need to be focus, and so do you with your own goals as the targets. Here is a tip from Zig, if you can’t be more specific in writing your goals, you can always draw it, or find pictures from magazines or books or anywhere possible as visual goals. It helps you to remember your long-range goal, and to push you toward working for it.

Remember, WORK HARD towards your goal, one goal at a time (EVERYDAY), and one day you will enjoy the benefits. Benefits of getting your dream job, benefits of losing your weights, benefits of having a neat closet, benefits of many many other things, and more importantly benefits of LIVING YOUR DREAM. That’s the spirit!!


Bae Bea

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