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How To Stay Motivated In Keeping New Healthy Habit (Exercise)


Every now and then, some of us need that extra kick in the butt to get moving.
The truth is, getting started and making exercise part of your routine is the hardest step. That’s because, as human beings, we are resistant to change. And integrating exercise into our lives means shifting around priorities and schedules (read: making real changes). To help get through this initial period, MOTIVATION is essential. Let’s see how you can keep yourself motivated for that:

1. Ask Yourself, “Why Is It Important?”

All of us have our reasons for exercise. Maybe you want more energy. Or better health. Or to look a certain way. Whatever your reason, let this drive you forward. If you want it bad enough, it’ll get you moving.

2. Think About How You Feel After You Exercise

Sure, exercise is difficult and sweaty. But after a workout, you always feel great. There’s a tremendous sense of accomplishment and pride – knowing that you challenged yourself and did something great for your body. You know that exercise will make you feel great. So DO IT!

3. Do It For Your Body

Every day, you take in 24,000 breaths and your heart beats more than 100,000 times. Your body works tirelessly to sustain your existence. Your body has given you so much; it’s time to give back. With hundreds of muscles and 360 joints, there’s nothing your body craves more than movement. Honor your body by giving it the gift of exercise.

4. Do It Because You Love Your Family And Friends

First, exercise extends your life expectancy. As you embrace a healthier lifestyle, you’ll live longer. That means more time with friends, family, kids and so on. Second, regular exercise provides a number of benefits (like more energy, better health, improved focus, etc.) that allows you to be the best version of yourself. When you are at the best that you can be, you have so much more to offer to people around you.

5. It’s a Great “Me” Time

All us have busy schedules splitting time for work, family, friends, personal commitments, appointments and so on. But we also need some personal time to recharge and to invest in ourselves – and exercise is a great form for that. It’s an unselfish way to prioritize YOU, yourself.

6. Knowing Your Goals

One thing to remember is your goals must be realistic enough for you. Failing to reach your goals is a bad thing, you will build up a pattern of “it’s ok to not finish my goals” and then it will become “it’s ok to not do it at all”. Learn how to set the right goals from this article here: Set Fabulous Goals

7. Focus On Change, Not Results

It’s easier to figured out the results we want from our workout routines. But it’s much wiser to shift that attention and focus on the changes we need to make in order to produce the desired result.

8. ALWAYS Follow the 80/20 Rule

It’s important to fuel your fitness results with a healthy diet. But that doesn’t mean eating healthy all the time. Life is about balance; follow the 80/20 rule. Eat healthy foods 80% of the time – and then eat the less-nourishing foods that you crave the other 20% of the time. This is a more sustainable and realistic approach to healthy eating.


There’s good news, too. Eventually, committing to regular exercise gets easier as it becomes your new routine. For me, it’s a habit. I wake up, brush my teeth and then head to the gym. More than being motivated, I’ve created a habit – and habits are much easier to keep!


Regina Stefani
(Personal Trainer)

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