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Cool Things You Need To Know About Essential Oil

Essential oil has been used since a long time ago. The Ancient Egypt used the “old form” of essential oil or what it called resin extracted from medicinal plants. Of course the resin didn’t look so good compared to modern essential oil nowadays, but it works like magic anyway, so it was pretty popular back then that even last until now. Essential oil comes from a few varieties of therapeutic plants around the world. The quality of the plants also determines how good the essential oil that was produced from it. It has to come from organic plants, using non-pesticide fertilizer, get sufficient water, and living in a healthy environment. That’s why, you will find that essential oil is rather expensive even it’s only packaged in small bottles of 5-10 ml.

For the usage, essential oil is commonly used for massage and hot bath. For massage, we could use one or more kinds of essential oil to be mixed together. Every essential oil is unique. Some of them could work as anti-depressant, some of them work as analgesic, and some of them work as relaxation agent. You have to make sure that you use the right essential oil, combined with the right massaging technique. For hot bath, you just need to put couples drops of essential oil in your water and have a nice dip in it.

HappyMaggy-Health-EssentialOil-BenefitsHere are some essential oil varieties – along with their usages:

1. Chamomile – anti-inflammatory; applicable for sensitive skin.
2. Geranium – increase positive energy; also anti-inflammatory.
3. Bergamot – increase confidence & concentration; when using it, avoid direct sunlight.
4. Ylang Ylang – antidepressant & increase sensual ambience.
5. Rosemary Cineol – increase creativity, awareness, & alert.
6. Patchouli Supreme – repair damaged heel; careful on usage: could be relaxing or the total opposite!
7. Neroli Blossom – increase confidence; newlyweds usually use it for their first night together; also increase creativity; applicable for dry & sensitive skin.

We also want to share these 2 essential oil recipes that you can try at home!

1. Good-bye PMS

Hot hip bath (bathe from your feet to hip only) using chamomile, geranium, & lavender oil on warm water. Add carrier oil, for example jojoba to make the essential oil dissolve better in the water. Dip for 15-20 minutes.

2. Migraine Fighter

Mix lavender, peppermint, and rosemary oil together, rub it on the temple of your head. Close your eyes and enjoy the aromatic smell.

Additional reminder:
Pay extra attention before using any kinds of essential oil because it contains high concentrate of certain substance that could possibly change your mood in instance. The more information they provide on the bottle the better the quality is in that essential oil. To check on its purity: drop it on a piece of paper, if it leaves mark as two separated drop, then it’s been probably mix with vegetable oil! Always buy essential oil in trusted stores. Enjoy your massage / hot bath!

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