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5 Attitudes That Can Lead You To Success

When we’re talking about the right attitude, we’re definitely talking about the right mental attitude. According to Zig Ziglar book See You At The Top, “We can alter our lives by altering our attitudes”, we believe that success begins IN THE MIND. Now, we will give you a little review about what we’ve learned from Zig about ATTITUDE – but of course it’s always better for you to read the whole book yourself to get a much better learning right?!

1. Optimistic
One of the right mental attitudes for success we’re talking about is optimistic. It’s kinda cliché indeed, but being an optimist is wayyyy better than being a pessimist. An optimist sees what’s good in every circumstance, even in a bad circumstances. A pessimist? He/she will manage to find what’s bad in everything, even when you’re in a good circumstance! One more thing you need to understand that sometimes the difference between failure and success is only an inch or two. And that one-inch or two is usually known as THE RIGHT ATTITUDE. So, after all is this thing called success attitude important? ABSOLUTELY.

2. Positive Thinking
The easiest way to explain the meaning of this one is to make you understand how this attitude works, positive thinking is something that enables us to feel good, even when we’re feeling the opposite way. How so? It’s because when you start to think about something in positive ways, your body/your circumstance/your situation, literally anything, changes naturally to a better way. Learn from this example: Have you ever noticed a couple that have been married for so long, and can’t get a kid, and when they adopt a kid, the next year they’re able to get their own kid? Yup, they get their own kid, because THEIR MIND starts to open up the possibilities for having children – by having an adopted child, soon the universe starts to make it happen for them. Trust us, when you think about something positively, sooner or later SOMETHING POSITIVE WILL COME TO YOU.

3. Enthusiasm
Elbert Hubbard said, “Nothing great has ever been accomplished without enthusiasm.” It’s true that sometimes the difference between a good preacher and a great preacher, or a good teacher and a great teacher – you get the point – is enthusiasm. As you might already know, enthusiasm attracts interest, interest can build up a love for something, and when you’re doing something that you love, you will be happy and you’ll be ended up working more efficiently, faster too.

4. High Teachability Index
Knowledge is something that you won’t get enough – even when you’re old. That’s why you have to be humble enough to learn till you die. I mean, remember this story from Ed Green. His father explained that as long as the vegetables were green, they were GROWING, but when they got ripe, they started to ROT. See the point we’re trying to show you here? So, stay GREEN and keep GROWING.

5. Never Give Up
Whenever you face obstacles along your way to success, make sure you set a NEVER GIVE UP attitude. Remember that when you’re drowning not just because you fell into the water, but because you stayed down in the water. Besides, if you can use the opportunity to learn from your “down time”, you won’t be totally lost. Fight back! Get up! You still have a long way to go! Here are some simple steps to do when you’re feeling a bit “down”: realize that you are in a low point of your life – understand that there is hope, no matter how hopeless you are – know that your condition is temporary – set a time limit for your “down time” but after that, get back on your feet as fast as you could!


In conclusion, attitude is very IMPORTANT because the right attitude can lead you to success. When your attitude is right, the facts don’t count. Attitude is contagious. Always surround yourself with positive people. If you’re lacking of positive friends to encourage you, read positive books and articles, or go to positive seminars, anyway surround yourself with positive vibes. Sooner or later you will become a more positive person and get in the right mental attitude – and when that happens, you’re on the right path to SUCCESS!

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