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Relationships 101 Happy Maggy compilation Part-3:

It’s true when people said Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus”, because as you can see men and women are two completely different human beings that have totally different way of thinking who are made to complete (not to compete) each other somehow in their very own unique ways. Let’s see some MORE of the ways you can do to improve your relationship life overall. (Read Part-2 here)


74. Help each other. This one should be easy to do, if your partner’s having a hard time with something be the first in line to offer a helping hand.

75. Support each other. In a loving way. It will only make your relationship grow stronger when you both know how to support with love.

76. Avoid criticizing each other. Criticizes commonly known as the roots of many kind of arguments and fights in relationship. Do your best to avoid them!

77. Give each other a pause when needed. Every game needs a time out to recharge and to cool down. The result, you’ll come up with better attitudes, better strategies and clearer mind to finish it.

78. Show them your unconditional love. Cook them their favorite food when they’re sick, give them your jacket when it’s cold even if that’s the only one you wear, share them your favorite ice-cream, anyway be caring!

79. Do not be cheap to express your affection. That doesn’t mean you have to be affectionate every time everywhere. Just simply give your lover more affection when you feel like they need one.

80. Build intimacy with him or her. Be like an open book. Open your heart. Share even your deep darkest secrets with them. Relationships aren’t about having another person to complete you, but coming to the relationship whole and sharing your life interdependently.

81. Knowing your love is not lust. Pure love should be based on your true feeling that comes from your heart and not from your sexual desire.

82. Forget about his or her flaw. Really, forget about what makes him or her such a not-perfect partner. You’re NOT perfect either. To you your partner should be flawless because you love them.

83. Don’t focus on what is lacking. Instead focus on what is good, when you’re keep looking at the lack you will never have enough.

84. Maintain the balance of the score. Speaking of scores one should know when to give more and when to hold back, otherwise you will feel something isn’t fair in the relationship and it will cause you a bad break up.

85. Share your dreams. Big dreams or small dreams share it with them, they will feel like they’re a part of you now.

86. Let them assist you in reaching your dreams. When you let them helping you achieving your dream, it will stimulate their brain to really think that you and your partner are now together in one team.

87. Be always excited to spend time with them. How does it feel when you have someone who is always feeling very excited to spend time with you? Good isn’t it?

88. Conflicts are way to grow. Conflicts in relationship are an ordinary thing, it’s normal and it’s healthy. That’s when you both learn to be better next time and grow to be mature couple.

89. Don’t play the victim role. None of you is the victim. It is both responsibilities and deal with it like a real adult.

90. Don’t put yourself as accuser. Even now when you know that you’re not the victim don’t put yourself in a role of an accuser, it’s just like pouring oil into a burning fire. Acknowledge your own mistakes and do apologize.

91. Never blame each other. Instead of blaming be willing to learn from each other. The key is to see the other as a mirror and learn from the reflection how you can be a better person.

92. Forgives abundantly. Forgiveness is a way to soften one’s heart. You will be ended up loving each other the way you never feel before.

93. See everything from the outsider point of view. So not a victim nor an accuser but bring yourself out of the box and see the whole thing as a third person point of view, you will be able to see everything clearer now.

94. Be their best friend. Especially when they needed a shoulder to cry on.

95. Be their biggest fan. Make them feel like they’re the only person you care and crazy about.

96. Be their personal cheerleader. Cheer them up on everything they do, it boost their energy and they will be more than happy to have such a supportive partner.

97. Make them believe that you got their back. You’re their soul mate, life partner, lover and best friend then make sure you got their back!

98. Give them all of you. Love them in their ups and downs. It’s one of the basic requirements to have a long-lasting relationship.

99. Make them feel they’re important to you. Let them play a part of an important role in your life. Let them fulfilled your needs.

100. Make them your priority. Besides your other priority in life, please do remember that you love them the most and they will always be your priority.

101. The power of “I Love You”. It’s simple but yet never gets old. It’s such a powerful three words to say to your loved one.

What is your #1 guide to maintain a good relationship?
- Happy Maggy
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