What To Do When You’re Single On Valentine’s Day
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What To Do When You’re Single On Valentine’s Day


Single on Valentine’s Day?? Don’t worry, it is not as sad as how it may seem to be. In fact, you can have many different fun things to do when you are single!! Here’s some examples:

1. Get Yourself A Date

If you’re single and you got a crush on someone, this is your chance to ask him/her out, on a date! Get some flowers or chocolates, or something else that he/she likes. If they like your gift and they seem to have the same feelings for you, maybe you won’t be single again this valentine then! Wait, we know what you’re thinking. “What if I got rejected?” Don’t worry. Yes, rejection is painful, but when you do get rejection, you can finally moving on and be one step closer from your future partner. Try number 2-5.

2. Share Your love To Someone In Needs

Believe me, there are lots of people out there who need some loves from YOU, and you’re gonna feel happy when you see their smile. You can do some charity project, for example, you can give some of your unused clothes, or go to the orphanage, or prepare some food for the homeless people. They will be very happy that you show some compassion toward them.

3. You Will Always Have Your Family

If all your family members has nothing to do on this Valentine’s Day, ask them out to lunch or dinner. Spend some quality time with your family. You can also ask them to watch movie together, shopping together, or any other positive activities that are so much more fun to be done together.

4. Hangout With Friends

I guess this is a classic one. But when you do hangout with your buddies, try to do some new activities. Play in an arcade or paintball, or go to the museum, or play volleyball at the beach anything for a quick Valentine’s getaway. Get yourself some new experiences this Valentine!

5. Meet Someone New 

When you choose to hangout with your friends this Valentine over a brunch or any other hangout activities, you can ask them to bring someone new (and also single!), so you can expand your friendship circle, and who knows, maybe he/she is the one for you!!

All we want to say to everyone who is single out there on this loving day is, just BE AWESOME. Think about it. You’re fighting your fear by being bold enough to confess your feelings or meeting someone new. You cherish your time by spending it with your closest family or friends. You’re one step ahead in this journey called life. So just enjoy this day! It’s a LOVE day, not a COUPLE day. Remember, if someone ask you what you’re gonna do this Valentine, just say “I’m gonna DO SOMETHING AWESOME.”


Bae Bea

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