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Are you guys ready for your dinner date tonight? It’s always confusing for girls to choose which and what clothes to wear especially on one special day. You got into the right page girls! We have gathered some awesome clothes collection from Top Shop (a little pricey with better quality) and H & M (cheaper version yet still stylish), that you can wear tonight or even on any other special occasion you might have in the future. It is based on two color palettes. Darker color which is very seductive, and lighter color which is more clean, fresh and flirty.

Valentine's-Day-Fashion-LightThis lighter color combo is perfect for a movie date, a casual brunch date, or an outdoor activity date. The color combination of red, pastel pink, and beige giving it a feeling of fun and flirtatious without overdoing it. Bring out the romantic vibes by choosing some floral pattern or lace. Pair these combos with gold color heels to give an elegant touch to the whole look.

Valentine's-Day-Fashion-DarkThe darker color combo will be perfect for a candlelight dinner in a fancy restaurant. The use of dark color such purple magenta, burgundy and red maroon giving it a feeling of sexy and mysterious at the same time. This will trigger your date to feel curious about you and seeing you as a very attractive person. Complete the glam look with gold accessories like gold bangles.


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